T H E  R E T R E A T  :  S F


T H E  R E T R E A T : S F

An ever-increasing amount of our work and our interpersonal interaction occurs through sheets of glass on our devices.   Software in the form of algorithms and artificial intelligence continually beckons our attention.    We are so busy responding to this onslaught that we can feel directionless.


We all feel that something has been lost, yet it is hard to put our finger on it.   


Sometimes we just need some time away so that we can get properly re-orient ourselves to what matters most to us and our companies.


Come to The Retreat : SF and put away your devices for a half or full day so that you can relax and re-orient yourself.   If you are really brave, immerse yourself in a 3-Day Silent Retreat.   You can organize your own retreat or we can work with you to choose a retreat leader from our vetted list.


Whichever option you choose, you will be awed by the jaw-dropping views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands.    As you relax into your retreat, you will begin to notice that this, more than anything, is a place of flow:   ships slipping in and out of the Bay, pelicans gliding by, tides rising and falling and, finally, San Francisco’s famous fog, which makes mid-afternoon visits especially in the summer months.


Another unique feature of The Retreat : SF is its proximity to Lands End, which provides a world-class nature trail hike just a few hundred feet away.   As you enter the trail and exit city life,  you become immersed natural beauty.   As you walk westward toward the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate is on your right and, if you are lucky, you may spot whales or dolphins frolicking in the cold water.


As you slow down, you will notice red-tailed hawks silently circling in the sky.   Twenty minutes down the trail is an outdoor labyrinth, with a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge, which affords a perfect opportunity for contemplation.   Ten minutes from the labyrinth, down a series of sand stairs, is the spectacular Miles Beach which is an enchanting combination of modern and pre-historic with not-to-be-believed views of the Golden Gate Bridge.


The Retreat : SF is the perfect place to relax and re-orient.

Available starting November, 2020.

The Retreat : SF aims to serve the PEACE creators :

“P” for philanthropists, aspiring and current parents, pastors, priests, pioneers 

“E” for entrepreneurs, entertainers, elders

“A” for activists, artists, astronauts, athletes, authors, artificial intelligentsia 

“C” for ceos, c suite management teams, comedians, creatives

“E” for (social) entrepreneurs, environmentalists


Jennifer Carolyn King 415-559-8374, jck@ruggedelegance.com

Timothy Fredel 415-559-8375, tim@theretreat-sf.com

T H E   R E V I E W S 

"Best, ever." "World class." "Exquisite beyond exquisite." "Unlike anything we've ever experienced." "The pictures don't do it justice!"

Inspire.  Be Inspired.

P L E A S E   S H A R E


P H O T O  G A L L E R Y

G l i m p s e s   o f   T H E  R E T R E A T  :  S F

4 : Outdoor Deck
4: Looking West
4 : City Sunrise
4 : Penthouse Suite
4 : Rain Shower & Raised Tub
3 : Double Bedroom
3 : Single Bedroom
2 : Kitchen
2 : Kitchen
1 : Screening Room

S  P  A  C  E  S

Four  floors  of  T H E  R E T R E A T  :  S F


Q U E S T I O N S  &  A N S W E R S

What are the dates of availability?

Available starting November 2020.

What's the minimum length of stay?

30 days

How far is  T H E  R E T R E A T  :  S F  from downtown San Francisco?

In terms of travel, it is just less than six miles and about a 30 minute drive depending on traffic. It terms of feeling, it is a world away.

How far is T H E R E T R E A T : S F from San Francisco International Airport?

It is 18 miles away if you take The Great Highway route along the Pacific Ocean, which will take 30-40 minutes depending on traffic.

What makes T H E R E T R E A T : S F so great?

First and foremost, T H E R E T R E A T : S F is perfectly designed for bringing together up to 16 creative people in one inspiring setting - no matter the weather outside. On a foggy day, you will gravitate up to the Penthouse Solarium where it is light and bright and happy. On a clear day you will soak up the spectacular views of the Golden Gate, the Marin Headlands and downtown San Francisco. The Retreat is designed to frame these views for maximum impact on three-of-four levels. For a reprieve from the hard work inside the house, China Beach is a five minute stroll and an excellent opportunity to soak up the sea. A fifteen minute walk through the beautiful neighborhood of Sea Cliff will get you to Baker Beach. On any day, Lands End, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, will be calling your name. This is a 1 1/2 mile hike (3 miles round trip, if you dare). Lands End, one of most breathtaking trail hikes in the world, is literally steps way.



T H E  R E T R E A T  :  S F

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